New To Church?


We know it’s easy to feel lost in a crowd and the family here at GCT can seem large at first. Our hope is that you may feel welcomed in and know that you are a special family member as quickly as possible.


We often come with different experiences and expectations of what church was, is or could be! Many of those who have already joined us have no church background but were looking for hope and an opportunity to feel part of a loving community.


We pray that whatever your situation or background you will find the Grosvenor Family a church where you can belong and serve with us. We encourage you to join a family group, get stuck in to the men & women’s events but first things first…please stick you name and details down on the form below so we can invite you over and get to know each other over a meal!


Welcome to our family, please make yourself at home!


Family Groups run weekly. They are a great place to meet new friends, support and be supported.


All Children and Youth are welcome to join our fun packed programme every Sunday.


‘Men Of Devon’ is our Grosvenor mens ministry. MOD events throughout the year.


We run a fun and varied program throughout the year where the women get together.